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AGM (Annual General Meeting)

Deliver a stress free event

All-in-One Solution

Extend the reach of your AGM with a branded webcast enabled with the necessary tools to empower your audience to engage, interact and vote. An AGM is an important tool for transparency in any organization, so it is important that the membership be given the opportunity to observe and participate fully.

Presenter Perfection

Presenters can join from any device on any platform. Our production team ensures they are supported every step of the way.

Easy Audience Attendance

Your attendees can join with ease from any device, no downloads, no installs. Our human-powered live help desk is available to assist in real-time for anyone that needs support.

On-Demand Playback

Extend the reach and availability of your event with an on-demand playback. Perfect for attendees in different time zones or that couldn’t attend the live event.

There are logistical challenges to producing a Virtual or Hybrid AGM and our team is experienced at helping you navigate those challenges to ensure the successful delivery of your Virtual AGM.


Perfect the look and feel of your AGM with our fully customizable webcast templates. Your corporate brand is fully incorporated into the MeetView webcast. Collect key data points from your participants with a customized registration portal.

Meetview Platform Admin Portal
Meetview Engagement

Take Engagement to New Heights

Engage your participants will a full suite of tools to get your audience involved. Voting, Polling, Question and Answer sessions, live interactive chat and more.


Secure your webcast with an advanced set of security tools built into the MeetView platform. Password access, domain restricted access, IP and domain blocking, single user login enforcement (prevents password sharing)

Meetview Secured Environment

Communications Officer

Croplife Canada

MeetView’s all-inclusive platform allowed us to easily coordinate registration, share event details, and provide easy event access for our attendees. It was reassuring to have a dedicated production team to handle the technical aspects, eliminating any concern for audio visual glitches for presenters or attendee access issues […]

We’ve got your Back!

Your Producer will work with you to coordinate your speakers and ensure they are properly briefed on the technical aspects of delivering their content. Each speaker will be individually tested and certified to ensure they have properly functioning cameras, speakers, and microphones on stable and reliable Internet connections.

Meetview Dedicated Technician

Your Producer will review and verify the supporting materials for your Virtual AGM; slide decks, videos, downloads and voting questions are properly prepared, formatted and staged on the broadcast platform and if last minute changes are needed our Producer is ready to assist.

Review and Analyze

After your Virtual AGM, you will meet once more with your Account Manager, Sales Engineer and Producer to review the final delivery of your Virtual AGM. We will review how everything went and any lessons learned, since you will be doing this again next year!


Access to a downloadable copy of the relevant data from your Virtual AGM

Participant lists

Voting results

Questions submitted

They can be incorporated as necessary into your formal AGM minutes and historical record

Looking forward to talk to you

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