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Canadian Federal Government

Built in Canada, used worldwide

Service for the Government

The MeetView webcast platform is a Canadian owned and operated webcasting system. It has been designed and optimized to deliver high quality, professional webcasts while ensuring accessibility (WCAG), security, reliability and data sovereignty.

Secure Foundations

The MeetView Platform achitecture is built on Amazon AWS which meets the ISO/IEC 27000 and SoC2 standards.

Easy Audience Attendance

Your attendees can join with ease from any device, no downloads, no installs. Our human-powered live bilingual help desk is available to assist in real-time for anyone that needs support.


The MeetView Platform is designed for maximum customization and versatility allowing webcasts to be created that support the WCAG standards while maintaining design aesthetics.

Our bilingual service delivery team ensures that all events are skillfully produced in both official languages while the MeetView platform can be customized for support of any language to provide a single platform for global content delivery.

Enhanced Production

Simultaneous Interpretation, AI translation, closed captioning, lower third name and title slates, the options are many for you to perfect the look and feel of your event and impress your audience.

Meetview Enhanced Production
Canada Data Sovereignty

Canadian Data Sovereignty

Maintain and secure Canadian sovereignty of your participant data through our 100% Canadian-hosted MeetView Platform. All data at rest stays within Canada using the AWS Canada Central Region.


Protect your webcast with an advanced set of security tools built into the MeetView platform. Password access, domain restricted access, IP and domain blocking, and single-user login enforcement (which prevents password sharing)

Meetview Secured Environment



We have found that their customer service and support processes are second to none. The preparation and practice work that they invested before our event with our speakers helped ensure that our online conference was executed seamlessly for the speakers and the participants […] I highly recommend them and will be using Meetview for all our future events.

Built in Canada used Worldwide

The MeetView Platform is Made in Canada solution with initial support from the Canadian Federal Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program. Since then Resolve Collaboration has commercialized the Meetview Platform and licensed our technology around the world.

Professional Support Every Step of the Way

When you host an event you want to put your best foot forward. Our event production team are experts at the fine details to make you look your best. We take the time to carefully understand and review the needs of your event.

Envision a world where your meeting is stress free because it’s easy to manage, reliable and on time every time. No more worrying that all the details are being handled and wasting time. Imagine on-demand support for your conferences by people who care and understand. People who want you to succeed and go the extra mile to ensure it.

We make recommendations on best practices and propose solutions for reliability and redundancy to makes sure your event is successful even in the face of uncertain conditions. Whether your event is entirely online or a hybrid of in-person and online consideration to professional production is key

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