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How to setup RTMP live streaming using vMix for MeetView

  1. Make sure that you have vMix installed on your computer. You can purchase or download a free trial from their website. (
  2. Open vMix and click on the gear icon next to the Stream button on the bottom of the window
  1. On the next window you will need to set the Destination, URL and Stream Key. These will go as follows:
    1. Destination: Custom RTMP Server
    2. URL: rtmp:// (You can copy and paste from this email)
    3. Stream Name or Key: This will be provided to you by Resolve Collaboration, but it is usually the date of the production in YearMonthDay order as shown below
    4. Quality: H264 720p 2.5mbps AAC 128kbps
  1. Click the Quality settings icon. Set Keyframe Frequency to 2 seconds. Close the window.
  1. Next click on box number 2 near the top. Do as follows:
    1. Set the Destination to the same as box 1
    2. Set the Stream Key to the same as box 1
    3. Set the URL to transcoder2 instead of transcoder1 (You can do that simply by using the same address as before, and just changing the 1 to a 2, or you can cope and paste this URL: rtmp://
    4. Check the box to use Stream 1 Quality
    5. Press Save and Close on the bottom Right.
  1. To start the stream just press the Stream button on the bottom bar.
    1. Press the same button again when you are ready to end the stream.
  1. Congratulations, you have successfully setup and streamed a session using vMix and RTMP.

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