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The term webcast refers to a multimedia presentation via digital media, which aims to generate mass contact with a target audience.

The main advantage of this type of event is that it has become an excellent way to reach a wider audience without the need for a physical presence. 

The webcasting format is very similar to that of television programs. It allows for organic interaction with the user, as the user has the opportunity to participate through live chats, polls or direct questions. Because of this, it is considered one of the most powerful marketing tools in terms of reach and positioning.  

However, in order for this to become an effective advertising strategy for your business, it is absolutely necessary to utilize the resources that this market has to offer.

Are you determined to take your business to the next level? Pay attention to the following points.

What is the difference between a webcast and a webinar?


The use of these terms as synonyms is a common misconception, which stems mainly from the nature of the two events. However, in practice, the two terms have completely different meanings. 

On the one hand, the webinar is characterized as a one-way event, in which the interaction dynamic between the host and the audience does not take place directly. Although users can interact with each other, express their experiences or share them with us, this communication process is not as concrete as the webcast. 

In the case of webcasting content, we tend to characterize it as a process with obvious personalization tendencies. 

The platform through which the webcast is delivered usually has specific logs, user metrics and usually direct follow-up after the broadcast. In addition, the reach tends to be larger and there is always the possibility of developing scalable events, i.e., if necessary, they could easily become global events

Webcast VS. Webinar

You are probably wondering which of these webcasting formats is the best. The answer is: it depends

While it is somewhat ambiguous to put it this way, the reality is that when we choose the webinar format, we must think small. Small groups of individuals, with common interests and the ability for the presenter to address the concerns of the audience simultaneously with the presentation. 

However, if you want to address a large audience, provide content with no time limit and which they can access at any time, the best option is the webcast. 

Hiring a Webcasting Service in Canada


To get the results you want, remember that you need to have the tools to deliver the highest quality programming to your audience. Audiences are increasingly critical of the content they consume. If you want to stand out from the hundreds of competitors in every field, you must choose the best resources available

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